Books for People who Love Harry Potter

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Books are our Hogwarts Express

I read a lot, maybe obsessively. 100 books a year is normal and I’ve been doing that for years. Reading Harry Potter as a kid was something of an event, there was excitement through our entire school as the books were released and being in a boarding school we’d rush the person ahead to finish up so the next person could borrow the book. Those who read the book could blackmail the next in line with giving away spoilers, it was a book that was truly magical in every way.

I am 31 now and I still have a soft spot for books with magic. And here are some of my favorite recommendations for someone who loves Harry Potter but probably hasn’t read much since, or is going to try a fiction book after reading mainly non-fiction books.

The Rithmatist

This is a lighthearted book, where monsters are chalk monsters, and magic is based on chalk drawings. This gives it a deep school-like vibe. Characters are lovable and it’s a single thin book, about the size of Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone.

The Rithmatist
Chalk Monster & murder mystery thriller

Name of the Wind

For Harry Potter for the Grown ups, everything is dialed up in intensity, passion, love, stakes, imperfections of the hero. Crazy Professors. Adventure and just phenomenal butter smooth writing. Every single line is written with a prose that feels like a well sung song.

Name of the Wind
A book that would put Shakespeare to shame with its prose

Ender’s Game

For sci-fi lovers, they’ve got elements of training school, aliens, leadership. And a sense of building and working a team. It’s ruthless, fun and what I loved a lot about this was that this book made me really think of the difference between Intelligence & Empathy (IQ & EQ), and the kind of leader I want to be.

Ender’s Game
Space School to fight Aliens


One of my all time favorites. Imagine a world where “the Dark Lord” won and has ruled for a millennium. This is a story of a band of really good thieves in that world. And the book has some of the most amazing magic system. I have come across.

What if “The Dark Lord” Won?

Super Powereds: Year 1

This is a book I did not expect to like, I don’t even remember why I picked it up. It’s like eating a really, really nice burger after months of Michelin star cuisine. This is a world where superheroes exist and yes they do go to college, it’s got all the clichés from college parties, to teenage romance and well superhero classes. This is a book you take easy and go in with low expectations, enjoy the journey, and chances are you’ll come out of grinning.

Super Powereds
This is like a really, really nice burger. For the person who ate only Foie Gras for a year.




Hi, guys. Here is Evgenia and Riddhwaj. We are from Russia & Assam, sharing our stories with you. ❤️ Welcome to our page. We grow tea, have 7 cats🐈 & 3 dogs🐶

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Evie & Rid

Evie & Rid

Hi, guys. Here is Evgenia and Riddhwaj. We are from Russia & Assam, sharing our stories with you. ❤️ Welcome to our page. We grow tea, have 7 cats🐈 & 3 dogs🐶

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